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Nathen Martens Memorial  / Sally Faulkner (None)  Read >>
Nathen Martens Memorial  / Sally Faulkner (None)
Arizona is setting up a Memorial site  Called The Nathan Martens Arizona Memorial. It is for all the Arizona fallen heroes from Iraq.

God Bless all our heroes in the Military passed and present.
Prayers to our fallen Heroes family and friends

Sally Close
In Memory  / Kerry "Doc" Pardue (fellow Doc )  Read >>
In Memory  / Kerry "Doc" Pardue (fellow Doc )

My name is Kerry "Doc" Pardue, I was a medic during Vietnam.  I remember when they announced Nathan's loss here in Arizona.  I am glad you have decided to put up this to honor him.  As the National Senior Vice Commander of I wanted to give honor for Nathan.



Nathan Martens, Navy Corpsmen,

Feb. 1, 1985 – Sept. 6, 2005

Nathan from Queen Creek, Arizona

Raised around horses, that he loved so well.

President of the local 4 H, was a baseball All-star,

And played some high school football

These things taught him about life and responsibility


Nathan married Erin, daughter of a Chief of Police

His smile was contagious and true friend to all who knew him

He was blessed with a daughter, Riley Jo

Nathan loved his girls with all his heart


Joined the Navy to become a Corpsmen, it was a path

To become a doctor to secure the future for his family

Sent off to Iraq with the 2nd Marines

They were his men and he was their “Doc”


Nathan called home by God

He is in a very special place

One glorious day will come a reunion

For Doc, Erin, Riley Jo and family

Rest in peace dear Corpsmen.


©Copyright April 2, 2006 by Kerry "Doc" Pardue

Author of Poems In The Keys of Life:  Relections of a combat medic

Thank you  / Dan B. (None)  Read >>
Thank you  / Dan B. (None)
Nate was a fine young man. My family suffered some losses in WW2 and I can feel the pain even now. Thank you for allowing his light to shine on in rememberance of his contribution to freedom. If no one defends freedom it will die, and unfortunately some will die to defend it. He did his duty to God and Country. Thank you Nate. Close
All Gave Some, Some Gave ALL  / Erin White (friend)  Read >>
All Gave Some, Some Gave ALL  / Erin White (friend)
Nathan will continue to live in our hearts forvever. His presence was enough to light up a room. Nathan made it his duty to make the most out of each and every day. He set out each day to reach the top of the mountain but at the end of the day he had reached the moon. I had chosen not to attend the funeral but in no way was it out of disrespect for Maria, Erin or Riley. Also being an other half of a deployed Marine i could not find it in myself to attend. Nathan has impacted my life since the day i first met him in his FFA jacket making cottan candy to know when i say a prayer for him and his family every morning. Nathan will never be forgotten. He died doing what he loved, serving our great country and providing freedom for his beautiful little girl. Nathan is a true hero. He shines through every time that beautiful little girl smiles. I miss him truly. Close
moms of  / Helen Allman (friend)  Read >>
moms of  / Helen Allman (friend)
Maria, I hope you got the portrait I painted of your son... many tears and prayers went into it with the thoughts of your family and the pain you have gone through.... We think of you daily and will never forget you or your son... We love you forever.... Helen Allman. artist, and mother of Marine 4th deployment in Iraq. take care we love you. I hope you like the painting... helen allman... 256-7676556... Close
Light that you still are  / Denise Brooks (Tom's Mom )  Read >>
Light that you still are  / Denise Brooks (Tom's Mom )
Nathan, I am so thankful that your beautiful soul blessed my families life, and so thankful that you came into Tommy's life.  Your light here on Earth maybe dimmer, but the light you added to each of us burns brighter each passing day as we try to live your example, with gusto, and a joy of each moment. Erin, I want you to know that we are all here for you in anyway or any need, just call, just as we would have done for Nathan, we would be so honored to do for you
Denise  Close
My prayers are with you all!!  / Bob Parrish (Acquaintance)  Read >>
My prayers are with you all!!  / Bob Parrish (Acquaintance)

Erin, Riley Jo, Rob, Maria and Mathew, my prayers go out to all of you. It was my privelege and honor to get to meet all of you. God bless you all. I am very sorry for your loss... Even though I was not fortunate enough to get to know Nathan, I have a good sense of what type of man he was. He will be missed.

Im praying for you  / Desiree Fuentes (friend)  Read >>
Im praying for you  / Desiree Fuentes (friend)
Erin and Rylie Jo-
   I am so sorry to hear the terrible news of your lose.Erin,I know your a strong person and you'll pull through this.You have very loving and supportive people around you.Always keep them close!!You and Nathan have a beautiful daughter.Take care of her and yourself.You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!!!
                                     Desiree Fuentes(friend of Sara's)
One of A Kind!  / Angela Diaz-Gonzalez (friend)  Read >>
One of A Kind!  / Angela Diaz-Gonzalez (friend)

Nathan was the most thoughtful unselfish person I ever knew. He had the most positive outlook on life and will be missed deeply. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family, his wife and beautiful daughter. God Bless. 

Beautiful Family  / Sheri RATIHN   Read >>
Beautiful Family  / Sheri RATIHN
Erin, Nathan, & Riley Jo, What a beautiful family and what a beautiful love! I personally never had the chance to get to know Nathan, but I felt like I knew him from the times Erin would call and talk to me about him. He sure did come in like a prince on a white horse and sweep his princess away. Now they have a beautiful daughter, and through her Nathan will live on forever. Erin is a strong, beautiful, and smart women and I know she will continue to keep Nathan's memory alive in her heart and also in the hearts of everyone who knew him. My condolences to all the family and friends who had to put to rest a wonderful son, brother, husband, Daddy, & friend. Close
Ultimate Sacrifice  / Karin Bailey (Friend of Joanne )  Read >>
Ultimate Sacrifice  / Karin Bailey (Friend of Joanne )
Erin and Riley:

Although I never met your husband and father I wanted you to know how sorry my family and I are that you lost him at so young an age.  We are proud that he was defending our freedom and serving his country.  War, in what ever form it takes, is ugly and heartbreaking, but sometimes necessary.  I hope Riley will always be proud of her daddy and that he will be kept alive for her through this memorial and her extended family.  My sister, Linda, is best friends with Joanne and that is how my family learned of your loss.

Our prayers and gratitude for your sacrifice,

Karin Bailey and family
Golden, Colorado Close
Wonderful person  / Beth Derring (Friend)  Read >>
Wonderful person  / Beth Derring (Friend)

Maria, Rob, Matthew, Bobbi, Erin and Riley Jo,
     I can't describe what a wonderful person Nathan was.  Not only as Erin has known him but even when he was very little.  He was always willing to help and even loved kids then.  My heart was broken when we recvd the call about his passing.  He was a awesome person from the time I had met him and will always be in my heart.  I hope your pain heals and know that he is in a place that couldn't be better.  He will be watching us all and guiding Riley Jo as she grows.  God bless you all through this hard time and always.  Beth Derring

I could not attend  / Dick Sartor (Buckeye Police Officer )  Read >>
I could not attend  / Dick Sartor (Buckeye Police Officer )
There is nothing I can say other then he gave his all for the rest of us. I hope all works out well and and I will pray for all.

I feel that Reliy Jo needs to see someday that she is a special young lady who had a special father who gave his all and did his duty.

We may never know why this had to happen but understand there is someone who knows and someday the question can be answered by him that made us.

Good luck and God speed. Close
baeutiful pictures  / Tammie Mills   Read >>
baeutiful pictures  / Tammie Mills
beautiful pictures.what a nice family Close
Tribute / Kathy Upchurch (none)  Read >>
Tribute / Kathy Upchurch (none)
Erin, This is beautiful site filled with wonderful memories and full of life. You are such a beautiful, happy family in those pictures and I want you to hold them in your heart for ever to remember. You have touched my life with your tribute to your husband Nathan and to your daughter Riley in these pictures. I offer my support and condolences for your loss. Memories are always there in the tough moments of grief and take them cherish them and smile at a happy one for Nathan would want you to smile. Close
A Special Man  / Tiffany Jarratt (friend)  Read >>
A Special Man  / Tiffany Jarratt (friend)

I met Nathan in May 2003, at Gonzo's restaurant, the same time Erin did. I think Erin knew from the first time she met him that they had a special connection. I can remember her saying there is just something about him and he has a great mouth. Erin has a thing for perfect teeth and great facial hair. I just thought he is pretty young, and probably really immature. I was proven completely wrong, I think Nathan’s maturity, sense of responsibility and the love he showed Erin made him wise beyond his years. There are many men older that could not even hold a candle to his maturity. Every woman dreams of finding a man that did the special things Nathan did for Erin.   It was around January 2004, when I would come to work I would here Nathan saying certain phrases that Erin said. It made me think a little and I even teased him about it. All Nathan could say was, “Well.” I remember seeing them give little looks to each other. Little did I know, Erin had started dating Nathan. Erin is a private person and she probably wanted to keep this private because he was so special. Nathan came into Erin’s life and left so quickly, but he changed it forever. Nathan showed Erin true love. He showed her unconditional love and the fact that there really are a few good men. Erin has always been hesitant about men in general, but with Nathan it was different there was not even a question or hesitation. I have never seen her not find many flaws with a guy and with Nathan there were no flaws to be found.  I am glad Erin and Nathan found true love. Thank you Nathan, for giving Riley Jo to Erin. God Bless Erin, Riley Jo, the entire family and everyone who was touched by Nathan.  Nathan was a true hero in a every sense of the word. Erin and Riley Jo, I love you and hope you find strength in Nathan’s love that I am sure will live on forever.

Thinking of you....  / Jayme Heller   Read >>
Thinking of you....  / Jayme Heller
You are a beautiful family.....What a gift Nathan has given you, love, life, memories. I hope all is well.... Thinking of you. Close
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